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We Need Your Involvement!

Great Oaks Academy considers it vital that parents and students work together with our leadership and staff to provide the most excellent educational experience possible. To that end, we aim to routinely inform you of various ways we can partner together.

The Great Oaks Board of Directors is made up of teachers, parents and community members who are passionate about classical education and the work we are doing at Great Oaks Academy. The strength of the board, and its ability to provide support and oversight of the school, depends on finding skilled and dedicated members of our community who are willing to serve the school in this way.

In preparation for our Spring elections, we are seeking candidates for 3 positions on the board (1 teacher representative, 1 community representative (non parent and non teacher), and 1 member at large). If you or someone you know would be interested in serving on Great Oaks’ Board of Directors, please complete the application below. If you would like to nominate someone as a candidate for Board of Directors, you can use the nomination form below as well.

(Forms can be printed and returned to the office at Great Oaks Academy.
You can also make a copy of the electronic document, and email it to