What is a Charter School?

What is a Charter School?

In an effort to promote educational choice, Minnesota authorizes over 150 charter schools. Each school has a particular mission designed to improve student achievement through innovative programming such as Classical Education, arts based or STEM. Charter schools are tuition-free. They are funded by the state just like a public school.

Charter schools are run by a board of directors taken from the community and including parents and teachers. These boards are elected by parents and staff at the school and are responsible for ensuring the school stays true to its mission and remains financially viable. Because they are controlled by an elected board instead of a local district, charter schools are autonomous; they can select programming and curriculum that differs from the local public school. You can learn more about Great Oaks Academy’s Board of Directors here.

Charter schools are regulated by authorizers who report to the Minnesota Department of Education Great Oaks Academy is authorized by Novation Education Opportunities. You can learn more about NEO here. NEO is an excellent authorizer and Great Oaks is proud to be one of its schools.

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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Great Oaks Academy is to provide students with a classical, liberal arts education that is rigorous, literature-rich, wondrous, and virtuous.