Letter from Director

My name is Paul McGlynn. I am honored and excited to serve as the Executive Director of Great Oaks Academy. I am deeply committed to building a school with rigorous academics, high expectations and a strong emphasis on developing moral character. I believe that a strong mind is bereft of meaning without a strong heart to guide it, and my focus is on bringing a rich curriculum of language, literature, ancient history, world studies and physical activity to every child. Our school challenges each student with a time-tested and proven, classical curriculum that reestablishes great literature and ancient languages as a foundation for empowering and scaffolding inquiry and acumen of young minds.

I have served as a teacher and director in charter schools and public education for many years. For several years, I have been committed to the success of innovative, high achieving charter schools. I have been a leader of schools that served underserved and gifted populations, which were built upon missions and visions to create stronger, healthier, more ethical and prosperous communities through excellent education. Before becoming a Director, I served for many years as a literature teacher in elementary and high schools. I thoroughly loved working with students in my classroom. My favorite part of teaching was introducing these young, knowledge hungry minds to a rich and challenging world of classical literature. It was an amazing gift to see the profound changes that such literature brought to their lives by opening their minds and hearts to insights and complex understandings they had no idea they were capable of learning.

The Great Oaks board of directors, staff and I are absolutely committed to raising up young people to be strong, reflective thinkers and morally responsible citizens. I am extremely proud and fortunate to be the leader of a charter school committed to such serious academic achievement and moral instruction for young people. Great Oaks Academy is dedicated to changing our community for the better through excellent education. I am honored to lead such an important vision and I look forward to serving you and your children for many years to come.

Paul McGlynn