Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

The mission of Great Oaks Academy is to cultivate the minds and hearts of our students through a classical, liberal arts education, with instruction that is rigorous, literature-rich, wondrous, and virtuous in a disciplined and engaging environment.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to graduate young adults who:

  • Are fully prepared for the rigors of college and career
  • Value truth, beauty, and goodness
  • Possess a lifelong passion for learning
  • Are active participants in their communities
  • Recognize the value of their contributions

The four pillars of Great Oaks Academy are Rigor, Virtue, Literature and Wonder.


Rigor doesn’t just mean ‘hard’, although our curriculum is challenging. It means meeting students where they are, recognizing and celebrating their potential, and challenging them to be and do things they didn’t know they could achieve. It means helping each student become the best version of his or herself.


What do we mean by virtue? We believe that character development is as important as academics. Education isn’t just about what you know, it’s about the person you become. We teach universal virtues like respect, perseverance, honor and excellence to help our students become the best people they can be.


Why literature? Because stories are memorable. They help us understand not just facts and cultures and different time periods, but they inspire us to develop character. The world of Classical literature is rich and diverse and filled with beautiful language, men and women of honor and distinction, heartache, victory and joy. Great stories help us understand human nature, ourselves, and each other.


Wonder is the innate sense in every child that school is a place of adventure and excitement, that learning is fun, and that the natural world is full of new things to explore. Our curriculum is designed to encourage this sense of wonder, with hands-on activities, immersive lessons, and plenty of time spent out of doors.